Nature Walk

We offer guided nature walks inside the Kafue National Park to appreciate nature and serenity feeling.

Cultural visits to surrounding villages

We offer unique cultural tourism that includes adventure village homestays in the surrounding villages. Nahubwe Safari Lodge pursues an ethno business model operations strictly aligned to practicing of low-impact, educational, ecologically and culturally sensitive model that benefits local communities.

Tourists will eat traditional food whilst on cultural tour

Ecotourism preserves and enhances local cultures through freedom of cultural expression as the locals are being observed by tourists and visitors. It has has incorporated partnership with the local community living around the Kafue National Park of Chief Musungwa in pursuing responsible cultural tourism business at a small scale level. Various attractive and affordable cultural adventure tour packages have been designed that involve guiding tourists and local visitors to directly interact with local people within their villages to learn about their cultural practices and living styles. This synergy result in accurate interpretation and portrayal of the local cultural norms with associated good quality and consumer satisfaction. The benefits of this ethno tourism business operation remain with the local communities as a way to tackle abject poverty which is highly prevalent in the area and stimulate community development as a potent driver for positive social changes.

Village homestays

Zambians are a friendly and welcoming people. Tourists or any visitors wishing to sleep over in a genuine functioning village within the community will be accorded that opportunity to experience the true African living style under the escort of our trained guides.The participating communities will identify and select which villages shall provide homestay service to the tourists or visitors. The community shall get 80% of the bed levy that shall be paid by the client while Nahubwe Safari Lodge shall retain the 20% as handling fee.

Some of the cultural adventure activities clients will enjoy.

Story Telling and Poetry

This i shall part of activities that shall be provided whilst on cultural adventure tour.

Tonga Poetry


The Tongas of Southern have an indigenous type of music they call KUYABILA. Kuyabila is a form of sung poetry done by either one man or woman accompanied by a friction drum or a rattle also called MUYUWA. It can also be accompanied by an ordinary drum using a special rhythm. Kuyaba, a form of poetry recitals can be performed at a funeral or any time in everyday life in order to release personal feelings.


This is traditional music connected with work, in particular pounding songs. In the past, much of a woman’s life was centred around pounding as it took a long time to pound for the ordinary meals of the day.

When a woman was pounding she was usually singing, so over the years she built up quite an extensive repertoire of pounding songs.

Traditional Dances

One of the strongest draw-cards to ethno-tourism products is traditional dance and song and as a result this sector provides an important platform for musicians and dancers. The ethno-tourism sector is also inseparably connected with crafts and the visual arts. Almost all ethno-tourism ventures offer locally made or purchased crafts for sale as a value added attraction to tourists and an additional income generator for the ethno-tourism players.