About Us

The decision of moving to a new place is a very important step in everyone’s life and that is why we want to be by your side to help you choose a perfect place. 

About Us

We are locals with in-depth area knowledge of the Kafue and Lochinvar National Parks

We have a highly trained and professional management team that ensures that you our customers are served diligently and receive real value for your money.

We as operators of kafue and lochinvar safari lodges know all the corners and habitants of the kafue and Lochinvar National Parks as we are local residents, born and breed in villages located around the kafue and Lochinvar National Parks.

The director, McFirster Hampande knows most of the cultural norms practiced in the area and the local language Tonga, spoken in this area is his native language. He is strong advocate of eco-tourism business practices. So the money paid by tourists visiting the Lochinvar National Parks goes directly to benefit the local community by way of employment creation.


With a dedicated and experienced staff, excellent networking, and effective management and marketing, Nahubwe Safari Lodge provide travel and adventure packages to tourists and other interest groups primarily to Kafue National Park of Zambia, the second largest park in Africa. Tourism services and products provided include pre-arranged safari tours, custom cultural packages to the surrounding villages according to clients specifications. We also do general travel consultation to the Kafue National Park. We also make reservations for lodging to other tourism accommodation service providers located within the Kafue National Park and in Itezhi Tezhi town.


We seek fair and responsible profits through eco-tourism activities that conserve the environment to the Kafue and Lochinvar National Parks through our “Think Green” tourism business concept.


We have vowed never to compromise our code of conduct or social responsibilities. We maintain a tradition that gets things done safely……..now!


We ensure that clients deserve quality services at a fair price.

Why choose us                                                                                                              
Time is extremely precious for everybody and this is why we make sure we work as fast and precise as we can.
This is how we show respect towards our customers in return for the time and trust they give us.
The most important thing is that the end result pleases our customers and is exactly what they desire.