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Highlights of the current status of the Kafue National Park!!!

Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia covering an area of about 22,400 km2 and the second largest Park in Africa rich in diverse wildlife including the BIG 5”

A statement from a tourist who recently visited the Kafue National Park:

“My strongest impressions of the Kafue National Park are the vast, sweeping plains and sense of space, where l felt no confinement. Kafue National Park is a less touristed park in Zambia, and this provides a feeling of calm, and a special kind of peacefulness. The beauty of early morning light, and mist, the Puku grazing the plains in that magical light, set me trying to capture that mood just before sunrise.

Another highlight was the lions in the trees – to see them really climb the trees and hangout there is a phenomenon that l will forever cherish”

Come and visit the Kafue and Lochinvar National Parks in Zambia southern Africa with Us. You will see plenty brown Kafue Lechwes, cheetahs, leopards, wildebeest, hyenas and the big five in the kafue national park and surrounding game management areas. We are also premier providers of cultural tourism in the area where you will experience real African life style first hand by living/ interacting with local people.
NAHUBWE & LOCHINVAR are sister lodges situated in Kafue National Park and Lochinar National Park respectively. These are the tourism gates to Zambia Safaris and Africa experiences. Affordable trips and safari tours to the Kafue and Lochnivar National Parks, Namwala, and Mumbwa GMA in Zambia made easy by Nahubwe and Lochinvar Safari Lodges”Should you desire an unalloyed Wildlife and Cultural moments , Visit us.

Nahubwe Safari Lodge is a safari management and tour operator company located on the peripherals of the Kafue National Park situated in Namwala Game Management Area (GMA) in Nahubwe village, Itezhi Tezhi district sitting right on the banks of the mighty Lake Itezhi Tezhi of the Kafue River, central province of Zambia.

The draw card to Nahubwe Safari Lodge is its strategic location of being right on the banks of lake Itezhi Tezhi which has huge water reservoirs that are available throughout the year for sustainable tourism activities especially aquatic activities. Its close proximity to the Kafue National Park, Zambia’s largest national park and the second largest park in Africa which is just across the lake is a must visit lodge for all the good reasons.
We have the experience to design and execute itineraries throughout the Kafue National Park.
Our Unique Services
Nahubwe Safari Lodge is a superior provider of short term accommodation activities to our own accommodation facilities at Nahubwe village sitting right on the banks of lake Itezhi Tezhi and to others lodges in Itezhi Tezhi town. We also provide camping services at our own camp site at Nahubwe village or at Ngoma camping site owned by the Zambian government inside the Kafue National Park. We offer tour and safari operator activities to view wildlife especially the brown Kafue Lechwe, leopards, chettahs, elephants and other big five exclusively to the Kafue National Park, Namwala and Itezhi Tezhi Game management area.
In addition, we offer visits and guided tours to interesting archaeological sites inside and outside the Kafue National Park including visits to Iyanda hot springs, visits to Itezhi Tezhi hydro dam water spillways, a spectacular view!!
We also offer cultural tourism, canoeing experience in traditional dug-out canoes and fishing in lake Itezhi Tezhi of the Kafue River

Lochinvar Safari Lodge is a Professional Travel Planner licenced as a Tour Operator and Safari Management company based in Monze southern province in Zambia. It arranges tour and short term accommodation activities, educational tours to historical and archeological sites to the Lochinvar National Park,

Our objective as Lochinvar Safari Lodge is to offer affordable and memorable trips and tours to the Lochinvar National park and offer unique cultural tourism that includes adventure village homestays in the surrounding villages. We carter for both local, international tourists and other visitors including special interest groups such as research academicians, educational tours, church retreats. We consistently aim at achieving a standard of service delivery excellence as demanded by for our various customers.
Lochinvar National Park is particularly known for the large herds of Kafue Lechwe, locally known as “Nanja” unique to the Kafue flats. More than 30,000 of them make the flats their home and move seasonally according to the flood levels.t Other herbivores that can be spotted on the grassy plains are buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and oribi. Animals sticking more to the woodland area include bushbuckgreater kudu and baboon.

Statement from one guest at Lochinvar Lodge: “Bird watching is a draw and wetland birds are a highlight. I saw a few cranes and plenty of antelope - especially the Kafue lechwes splashing about in the shallows. Otherwise I heard the unmistakable grunt of hippos surfacing and saw a jackal sneaking around. If the wildlife is not cooperating you can scratch around the remnants of an Iron Age settlement or check out the scalding water of a hot spring, too hot to dip a toe in though.

Statement from another guest at Lochinvar Lodge: In my observation, few do make the trip to the Lochinvar National Park and the park felt spectacularly empty when I visited it, so it’s a good choice for those who enjoy a little solitude on safari. It’s also good for those who enjoy watching antelopes – with few predators around apart from opportunistic villagers, the Kafue lechwe seem to be flourishing”.

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Our central reservation department will offer you personalized booking and reservation services to both the Kafue and Lochinvar National Parks.

Our professional reservation staff offer free consultation services and can design attractive and affordable tour packages for you to both the Kafue or Lochinvar National Parks.